Thursday, March 6, 2008

I got a haircut!

Finally - I was so appreciative I didn't even pee on the groomer's wall this time. Actually it was because I was with the mom. I wouldn't do that to her - BUT...My pack leader now that is another story. He and I enjoy a lot of mental gymnastics. Which by the way isn't easy for him. Oh you also should know I think I'm in love again. Her name is Michelle, I like Kris too. They came to my house last night for Bible Study. I just simply couldn't get enough of their glorious smell. I'm pretty sure I embarrassed the pack leader. He didn't act very Godly when dealing with me. But I guess I will be the bigger man and forgive him for his behavior.
I heard the mom on the phone today talking to my first love - Val! She's coming to Hamilton!!! I can't wait. So glad I got the hair cut. Now I just have to figure out how to get this ridiculous handkerchief off my neck. Bob (the groomer) thinks it looks cute. I think it is just a stupid way to get another $5 from the pack leader. Till next time! Jack

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Valerie said...

JACK....I am so excited to see you! Can't wait for this weekend. I think Alan is looking forward to it, too.

Your First love- Val