Monday, February 11, 2008

Cool Cooper!

The Alpha dog in my pack pulled off a huge surprise for Momma this weekend. She turns 40 on Friday. With the help of some really great friends, he threw a huge surprise party for her. Of course, I had to stay home to guard the territory, but they were all so excited when they got home.
To top it all off, for her birthday gift, My Alpha got us a new" Jack Carrier" - very sporty. They call it a "mini cooper" . I call it a really cool ride with the sunroof down and the music blasting. It doesn't like the snow nearly as much as I do - When I get ice balls stuck in my paws, I can spend the day licking them out. Add a little salt and you have a nice happy hour type thing - When Cooper gets ice in his "paws" - he just sits and spins - what a baby! I'll have to spend some time with him one on one to help him get his life together - apparently in Florida (Where he came from) -They don't have snow. Welcome to Michigan Bro!

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